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  2015 Big 33 Cheerleader Tryout
 Location: Lower Dauphin HS
12:15 PM - 04:00 PM
$ 40.00 Unlimited Unlimited

2015 Big 33 Cheerleading Tryouts - Nomination must be completed by Cheer Coach!

Minimum skills to tryout will include:

- A standing back handspring (preferred, but not mandatory.)

- Must be willing to execute all tumbling and stunting on grass, track and turf during game week.

- Level to high advanced jumps.

- Strong dance and motion technique.

- The ability to execute extensions, liberties, and heel stretches (flyers must be standing on their right leg for all single leg stunts.)

- Tryouts include: jump execution, tumbling demonstration, and stunt deomnstration with other tryout candidates and the performance of a cheer and dance to be taught at tryouts. 

Cheerleaders registered by December 15th will get a free t-shirt!

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