US Pharmacy Card Plus

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Big 33 has partnered with US Pharmacy Card PLUS to offer you a FREE prescription card!

What is the US Pharmacy Card Plus?

The US Pharmacy Card Plus is a free discount prescription card available to all individuals.

The USPP Card also provides discounts on dental, vision, hearing, diabetic testing supplies and lab & imaging services

One card covers all members of a family.

There is no cost or fees associated with the card.

There is no expiration date.

There is no paperwork for cardholders or staff members to complete

Cards are activated the very first time they are used at the pharma

Who Can Use the Card?


•  Who are uninsured and underinsured

•  Whose prescription is not covered by their insurance

•  With a high deductible and/or a Health Savings Account

•  Who have not reached their annual deductible

•  Whose insurance plan does not cover lifestyle medications

•  Whose insurance plan does not cover prescriptions while in another state

•  Whose insurance plan does not cover prescriptions for pre-existing conditions

Eligibility Requirements

•  Everyone is eligible

•  No applications, registration, approval process or waiting period

•  No restrictions, exclusions or limitations

•  No one is turned down regardless of age, health or pre-existing conditions


•  Patient simply presents the card to any participating pharmacy

•  Can be used as often as needed with no expiration

•  One card can be used by the entire family

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