Big 33 Host Family FAQ

PA Running Back #85Big 33 Host Family FAQ

How to I apply to become a host family?  Go to our website:  www.Big and go to Big 33 Football Classic Tab, then section for host families.  Read the Big 33 Football Host Family Information sheet and FAQ’s in full and, if you decide to apply to become a host family, please complete the host family questionnaire/application and submit it on line. Along with that you have to complete a National Criminal Background check (each parent).  You can complete this by going on-line at and completing the form.  All clearances must be completed at the time of application and in the Big 33 office before you can be considered as a Big 33 host family. Obtaining all clearances is at the expense of the host family.  The cost is $13 per person.  Along with that, you will need to submit a copy of your current driver’s license (each parent).  Those copies can be emailed to Mel Santor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or mailed to her at:  Mel Santor, Big 33 Scholarship Foundation, 724 S. 22nd Street, Harrisburg, PA  17104. Please Click Here for the on-line host family application.

When and how will my player be assigned to me?  Player selection will take place in January/February/March 2015.  After both teams are chosen we will hold a host family draft night.  You will come to the draft that evening with a ranking of players (in order of who you would like to host).

When should I make contact with my player?  As soon as your player is assigned to you we will ask you to call the player and his family to introduce yourself.  This always helps to put parents at ease when they are able to talk with their son’s host family.

What tickets do I get to Big 33 events as a host family?  As a host family, your family will be provided tickets to the Big 33 Football Classic along with a free parking pass for the game.

Am I expected to purchase any equipment or athletic gear for my player?  No, all players are to be responsible for their own equipment and gear needs.  They are told not to ask the host family to purchase anything for them including cleats, gear, etc.  If you chose to purchase something for your player that is certainly your choice, but it is NOT EXPECTED OR REQUIRED by the Big 33 Football Classic.  You are only responsible for feeding the player and transporting them.

Am I expected to purchase any clothing or personal items for my player?  Players will sometimes show up without a particular piece of clothing they may need (i.e. socks, etc).  Some host families take on the responsibility of purchasing these items for their player at their own expense.  Like the equipment, however, it is NOT EXPECTED OR REQUIRED by the Big 33 Football Classic.  If you so chose to, that is certainly your choice, but it is recommended that you have the player or yourself get in touch with his parent or guardian to have these items purchased by them.

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